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Four Feathers Art was founded through the abstract and contemporary artwork of Chiffon Lark in 2017. 

Her inspiration is driven by way of her indigenous heritage

[Native North and Central American, Apache Nation],  as well as other ancient cultures around the world. Chiffon discovered the technique of using her breath to create imagery in her  ceremonial practices, breathing upon ash of herbs burned during meditations and prayer and seeing what totem offered collaboration with her in her journey.

As a self-taught Artist she uses alcohol inks, as well as metal leaf gilding, to achieve a profound, ethereal aesthetic. Chiffon Lark the only known Wildlife Alcohol Ink Artist to enter the Fine Art industry.

Chiffon resides in San Diego California with her two cats, Miles & Mila. Her artwork is displayed throughout the United States.

She aspires to  connect with others through her paintings, invoking joy and instilling power with visual artistry.

Chiffon Lark Artist and Illustrator Native American Woman Ceremonialist.jpeg

Latest Interview

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Other Interviews

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